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In 1960, oral Anadrol tablets were designed to combat diseases that damaged muscles or led to anemia.

Along with other drugs of its kind, it soon became a favorite among bodybuilders.

As a matter of fact, it is considered to be a safe steroid alternative for bodybuilders.

This is easy to see because it is made up of the drug Oxymetholone, which has been known to increase weight gain by making you eat more.

Anadrol tabs also will increase the amount of red blood cells that you have.

But on the flip side, if you use too much of this medication, it will decrease your appetite to the point where you won’t want to eat.

Obviously, this will greatly interfere with your ability to gain weight. If you do not eat, you cannot build up muscle mass. Click here to buy legal Anadrol online, without a prescription.

What Are Anadrol Tablets?

Oxymetholone is also called Anadrol. It comes from Dihydrotestosterone and is considered to be a 17aa steroid.

This means that it has been changed so that it can be digested and go through the liver.

If it were not a 17aa steroid, it would never even make it through the blood stream.

It is good to know that you can digest an anabolic steroid; however, it can greatly damage the liver.

Although this is one of the better steroid alternatives for bodybuilders, it is also considered to be one of the most toxic steroids because of its harmful impact on the liver.

Since it is a 17aa steroid, once it is taken, it will work very fast to provide quick effects.

Anabolic steroids are known to have a half life that enhances how potent it is in the very beginning.

Anadrol has a half life of eight and a half hours, which means that it works almost instantly, but it does not have a long active duration.

As a result, a lot of bodybuilders like to take Anadrol twice daily so that it is always active in their body.

Just one dose may keep it active, but it will not be enough for it to function at a peak level.

Anadrol 50mg Tablets Benefits

Since it is considered to be a steroid that makes you gain weight and build up muscle mass, this is a safe steroid alternative for bodybuilders.

It is also believed to be one of the best ways to build up your muscles.

A lot of anabolic steroids can help you bulk up and cut but, most of them are designed to do just one thing efficiently.

Anadrol tabs are no different. Even though it is often used during a cutting cycle, most bodybuilders use it strictly for growing muscle mass.

Since it is so powerful, Anadrol is one of the best oral steroid alternatives for bodybuilders.

Most people experience about a twenty to thirty pound increase in weight, and this can be seen in as little as a couple of weeks. They also become a lot stronger.

Anadrol is usually utilized as a stack since it has androgen binding properties that allow it to bring out the intensity of the medications that it binds with, which will send your energy levels through the roof.

Anadrol Tablets Side Effects

As stated earlier, Anadrol is toxic to the liver. But, if you use it correctly, you won’t damage your liver since it has the ability to heal itself.

This means that it will go back to normal when you stop taking Anadrol.

But this assumes that you were taking the drug in the correct manner, and that your liver was healthy before you begin taking it.

Unfortunately, Anadrol also affects your estrogen as well.

Most steroids do this by changing to estrogen due to the aromatase process, but because it has Dihydrotestosterone, Anadrol will not go through this process.

However, it still increases the levels of estrogen in the body, which means that you should proceed cautiously.

You could get Gynecormastia, water retention or high blood pressure. Even with all of these bad side effects, Anadrol is still a safe steroid alternative for bodybuilders.

Most bodybuilders will just take an Aromatase Inhibitor to decrease these bad side effects. AI’s are proven to decrease estrogen due to Anadrol use. Check out the best Strength Stacks with Anadrol.

Anadrol and Weight Loss

It is simple to understand why this drug is good for bulking up, which means that most people will never use it for cutting.

However, this is not the case for competitive body builders. This is one of the best supplements to use a couple of weeks before a competition.

When you increase a lot of the steroid activity in your body over a period of time, it can help you to better use your carbs at the end of that duration.

You will look bulkier, but be careful. If you tend to retain water, then you might want to avoid this particular supplement.

However, if your diet is good, you might not be as sensitive to Anadrol if you take a good AI to supplement it. Click here to shop for over the counter Anadrol Pills.

How Many Anadrol Tablets to Take per Day?

Most Anadrol products have 50mg oral tablets, and one tablet is all that many people take on a daily basis.

Just one tablet might work for you but, many like to take two daily instead. But, don’t take more if you want to be able to function.

Anadrol does not have the same risk to reward ratio that other anabolic steroids have.

This is based upon how much you take. If you take more of this, you will get more results, but it will also increase your chances of getting bad side effects.

Basically, you won’t get any more benefits from Anadrol if more than two tablets are taken each day. So, taking a lot of it will not increase your benefits.

So, just take the low recommended amount instead. With more than two tablets you have a better chance of damaging the liver.

Bulking Cycle Recommendations

Most people who use Anadrol discover that it works best during bulking cycles, but just for a portion of the cycle during short durations as opposed to the full cycle.

Consider using it for about four to six weeks because this should not be toxic for your liver.

But keep in mind that although this is a safe steroid alternative for bodybuilders, anything over six weeks will not be beneficial.

You will see the best results during the first part of the four to six week cycle duration.

You will also discover that Anadrol tablets stacks well with any type of testosterone. If you really want a powerful experience then use Anadrol 50 with Deca- Durabolin.

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