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Anadrol 50 is considered one of the most potent anabolic steroids that you can buy online.

This Anabolic/Androgenic steroid is identified by the chemical name Oxymetholone. Oxymetholone is derived from dihydrotestosterone.

This compound is used in the treatment of some medical conditions such as anemia, osteoporosis and ailments that come with weight loss and muscular atrophy.

It also has profound positive impacts for bodybuilders and weight lifters who want to bulk up.

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What Is Anadrol 50?

This steroid was first produced by a pharmaceutical company called Syntax in 1960.

Anadrol is very popular among body builders because of its ability to add large amount of muscular mass within a short space of time, though it is commonly stacked with other steroids.

Despite that great results are obtained with the use of this compound, some unfavorable side effects such as water retention and liver toxicity among others comes with its use.

Initially, Anadrol or Oxymetholone also known as A50 was intended by Zoltan Pharmaceuticals in 1960, however the company is now not in existence.

Due to the lack of knowledge in that time and the shortage of other options, this drug used to be given to the children.

Anadrol was used to get better muscle growth by patients suffering with growth problems and malnourishment.

Additionally, it was used to treat anemia and osteoporosis in people.

Later, it was found that it causes a lot of side effects to the patients suffering with wasting sickness, they started developing liver ailments and a substitute of this drug was revealed to be used at its place.

However after some years, the oxymetholone again came in existence to help in treating HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome.

Why Is Anadrol 50 so Famous?

Anadrol is very popular in the terms of bodybuilding because of the various endorsements by Dan Duchaine who is the inventor of contemporary secretive steroid movement.

He promoted the oxymetholone as a cost effective option to dianabol. Actually, there was a rumor that Dan self-injected anadrol by preparing it at his home.

Dan is perhaps the owner of the first Underground Labs in the history of United States. His company also supplied Anadrol in Canada.

After the discovery of alternative drugs for the treatment of these medical conditions that Anadrol is used for, the production was discontinued in the United States, the UK, Australia and in some other countries.

But with the more recent study that strongly recommends Anadrol for the treatment of HIV Wasting Syndrome, many countries and companies have gone into the production of this drug.

Today the FDA approves Anadrol for medical purposes and any pharmaceutical company in the United States that will go into the production of this compound will have to follow very strict quality control measures on manufacturing of this drug.

Buying Anadrol 50 mg Tablets Online

Anadrol is produced in capsules, tablets of 50mg (75mg tablet are sometimes available), and in injectable form.

The prices varies depending on the form of the steroid, the brand, where you live and where you are purchasing the steroid from.

When it comes to purchasing Anadrol in the UK, Australia, Canada and USA there are two options. They are generally classified as:

  • Pharmaceutical grade Anadrol
  • Underground laboratory Anadrol

Because Anadrol is a controlled substance in Australia, the UK, United States and Canada it is not readily purchased over the counter.

You may purchase this steroid with a prescription or get it from the black market. Both grades of Anadrol are available in the black market.

The Pharmaceutical grade are steroid that are available and produced by pharmaceutical company for medical use.

Because of the benefits of Anadrol in the treatment of some medical conditions, many pharmaceutical companies in different countries produce Anadrol for medical purposes.

Online Availability of Anadrol

Due to its importance in the treatment of anemia, HIV wasting syndrome and other medical conditions, this anabolic steroid is widely available exclusively for the treatment of these medical conditions.

This means that purchasing a pharmaceutical grade Anadrol 50 pills may not be easy except with a prescription.

Buyers require prescriptions from a qualified medical practitioner before they can purchase Anadrol over the counter.

Pharmaceutical grade are usually available in the purest form. Therefore, this is the best quality of Anadrol.

The quality available in different countries may differ even though, they are approved by the regulatory bodies in those specific countries, such as in the UK or Australia.

However, it is worrisome to know that counterfeits of Pharmaceutical graded also exists.

Some products which are labelled Anadrol may not contain Oxymetholone, some may contain this compound in substandard concentration, while others are adulterated.

Therefore, users must be cautious of where and how they purchase their Anadrol 50 online.

Ordering from Underground Labs

It is important to note that many underground laboratories have been established for the production and sale of Anadrol in many parts of the world.

In time past, most of the products of these underground laboratories are of high quality.

But today this is not so because a lot of products from these sources are of low quality. Many websites today advertise and sell oral Anadrol 50.

Many sell products of these underground laboratories. Some of these products are not only substandard but are not sterile and may be injurious to the health of its users.

In order to eliminate or at least reduce the incidents of using counterfeit steroids, it is recommended that users buy products from Pharmaceutical grade label.

This means not buying from countries like India or China but instead purchasing from the UK, Canada, Australia or the USA.

Surprisingly, some Pharmaceutical graded label are also counterfeits. Therefore, is advised that users take precaution and ensure that they purchase from reputable dealers.

However, if this is not possible there are quite a good number of dealers online that are reputable.

Users should do their research before purchasing Anadrol supplements from them.

Anadrol Tablets (Oral) VS Injections

Purchasing your Anadrol ordinarily should not be difficult. It is available in various forms such as capsules, tablets and injections.

The price of Anadrol be different depending on some factors such as; the form that you are buying, where you are purchasing from and the brand.

However, when it comes to purchasing this steroid one need to be cautious.

Because Anadrol sits at the top of the list of top performing anabolic steroids, counterfeits are usually available in the market.

Some of these products have substandard concentration of the active ingredient, Oxymetholone while, others are contaminated or are not sterile.

Individuals who purchase and use pure forms of Anadrol will testify that they obtain good result within a 4-6 weeks period.

Nevertheless, best results are obtained when users compliment the use of the drug with adequate and appropriate diet as well as routine training and exercise.

Professional users understand that there are 2 options of Anadrol in the market; the underground and human grade.

The human grade Anadrol are available for medical use and are gotten via pharmaceutical purchase. Human or Pharmaceutical grade pills are usually in the purest form.

That is not to say that there are no counterfeit human grade Anadrol. The use of human grade is better than the use of the underground option.

This is because a greater percentage of Anadrol produced by these underground laboratory are substandard, adulterated or are not sterile.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few of them that are of high quality. It takes careful research to fish them out.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy Anadrol online in the UK, Canada, Australia and USA from a reputable source – preferably one that also sells other steroids like Dianabol.

You could purchase from reputable sites or better still get a prescription from a qualified health practitioner and purchase a Human grade Anadrol 50 pill or liquid from a pharmaceutical source.

This way you are sure of what you are using.

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